NHS Visits Tormead to Present ‘Step Into the NHS’ Award

A representative from the NHS visited Tormead yesterday to present Abi, Year 9, with an award certificate for winning the Surrey County Prize for her Biomedical Scientist entry to the ‘Step Into the NHS’ competition.

Sian Sallis, the NHS Health and Social Care Pre-Employment Programme Coordinator, Surrey, was on hand to congratulate Abi for her engaging Biomedical Scientist job description and advert aimed at enticing young people into working with the National Health Service. 

Part of the prize is a hands-on session with a Simulation Ambulance, which will visit Tormead in September to run a variety of activities with the girls. 

Entrants to the ‘Step Into the NHS’ competition were required to research and then choose one of the more than 350 different careers in the NHS and then produce a job description and advert.  Congratulations to Abi for her win!

Abi’s job description and advert for an NHS Biomedical Scientist

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