The week before half term saw the Languages Department run various events for Languages Week. Monday saw our fabulous colleagues from different departments take to the stage and sing in foreign languages, much to the delight of the girls. Mr Holford stole our hearts by taking a French song and rewriting the lyrics referencing Tormead. On Tuesday, pupils from various year groups took part in the Linguistics Olympiad, a national competition, and worked in small teams to break language codes. Good luck to all the entries! And Lower School were offered a chance to see the French version of ’Three men and a little lady’. On Wednesday, Mr Ives held a session about how the GDR is viewed through film whilst the Year 9 Hispanists enjoyed a salsa lesson, and everyone was invited to take part in Mrs Romaniuk’s scavenger hunt. Thursday’s highlight was watching the Year 8s sing in Madame Langlet’s ’La Plus Belle Voix’ competition. The pupils put a lot of effort into their performances and team ‘Les Baguettes’ won the overall prize. Twister in French and German was a popular lunchtime activity and there were also three cinema events that evening, with films being offered in French, Spanish and German. Friday saw the return of the popular cheese tasting. Tormead girls like their cheese! And we celebrated all our cultural links to countries from around the world by wearing mufti.

Every day of the week, Miss Lee and her helpers offered language taster sessions from Dutch to Arabic. These were so popular that at times it was standing room only!

I am grateful to all my colleagues for offering such a range of exciting activities and we hope that your daughters enjoyed Languages Week as much as we did.

Pauline Moodie, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

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