Sixth Former Izzy Comes Top at Cyber Security Training Camp

Congratulations to Izzy, Tormead’s Computer Science A Level student who was the top scorer at the UK government’s landmark cyber security training camp this summer, Cyber Discovery. Izzy’s team, “E for Exploitation”, was also the overall winner at the Elite camp in Bristol, aimed at inspiring the next generation of cyber security experts.

Competition to qualify for one of three Cyber Discovery camps was high, with 23,500 student applications. Izzy was one of only 170 in the UK to gain a place at an Elite camp, which is a real testament to her knowledge and ability in the subject.

The Cyber Discovery camps consisted of an intensive residential weekend courses, where 56 students competed in live, hands-on competitions such as hacking a robot arm, hacking their name badge, cryptography puzzles, and listening to talks from industry professionals on the importance of cyber security as a career option. Participants were exposed to real-world challenges that impact businesses every day, and were tasked with thwarting the tactics cyber criminals routinely use against individuals and organisations around the world.

Izzy is looking forward to this year’s Cyber Security module of her A Level course at Tormead, and will no doubt apply some of her newly acquired skills to her on-going studies.

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