A tremendous set of GCSE Results

Tormead celebrates another round of consistently good IGCSE/GCSE results with many high achievers across the range of 23 subjects.

50% of all examinations achieved the highest grade of A* and over 80 % of all entries were graded A* or A

A quarter of the girls passed all their GCSEs with 8 or more A* grades and half of the year achieved all A*/ A grades.

“I congratulate the girls and their teachers for working together so successfully to achieve so much. I am so pleased to see them give such outstanding performances in the core subjects and modern languages,” said Mrs Christina Foord. “We took the decision for this cohort to sit what we consider to the more demanding and academically rigorous IGCSE syllabuses in the vast majority of subjects, including Maths, English, MFL and Science. They are very well-placed to embark upon their A Levels with confidence. We are all very excited to be welcoming them into the Sixth Form next month where a brand new Library, amongst other facilities, awaits them in which to continue their studies.

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