Our Apple Story

 We are delighted to have been reaccredited as an Apple Distinguished School, from 2021 – 2024

A technology-rich environment, that supports our learning goals

We have a long tradition of being a pioneer iPad school, first becoming an Apple Distinguished School back in 2016.

Our aspiration to utilise iPad devices and Apple technology to enrich learning and extra-curricular activities remains one of our key strategic priorities. Since the opening of our new premises in Autumn 2015, the girls have benefited from innovative spaces to think, collaborate and reflect. We believe very much in giving our pupils the choice to explore and express their learning how they wish, and by exposing them to a vast array of apps, we foster the importance of creativity within our curriculum.

Our journey of technological innovation continues, and we are keen to ensure that our approach remains current and responds to our pupils’ possible futures.


Apple technology has been at the heart of our digital strategy for nearly a decade. We believe that technology empowers learning, providing pupils and teachers with the tools to unlock creativity, connect through collaboration and enable personalised learning. Our vision is to prepare our pupils for the future, ensuring they are adept with a range of new technologies. We are keen to capitalise on the gains in technological innovation seen as a result of remote teaching and learning. We have already worked to increase our capacity by investing financially in our digital strategy to provide all teachers with a new 12.9” iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 


Apple technology and infrastructure has become fully embedded into our everyday approach to teaching and learning – 88% of pupils responded in our survey that the iPad is used in all of their subjects. We strive to utilise technology to connect pupils with a wider range of resources and authentic material. The pupils make effective use of apps, such an iMovie and GarageBand, to develop their creativity and gain a greater sense of ownership over their learning. Tormead’s wealth of experience with iPad devices means that both teachers and pupils are confident and competent users of technology as a tool for learning. 


Tormead remains committed to ensuring the success of its digital strategy and has recently undertaken another survey of pupils and staff. Following the first lockdown, the results of a parental survey significantly improved our remote working policy. Academic excellence at Tormead is evidenced in our impressive examination results. 79% of all A Level grades in 2021 were at A*-A, and this has increased year on year. We firmly believe that this success is linked to the 1:1 programme that has been so firmly embedded for the majority of these pupils’ senior school careers.

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What sets us apart

What sets us apart