The Beacon Programme

The Beacon Programme is designed to expose girls to topics beyond the normal curriculum, provide them with intellectual challenges and the opportunity to develop and defend their ideas not only with their fellow peers, but also teachers they may not normally work with. To optimise the time available in school, we will be offering a range of opportunities for Years 7-9, encouraging girls to take control of their own learning.

Beacon Challenge Series: This series of events will provide girls with challenge based activities that will stimulate your daughter’s thinking, ignite her curiosity and nurture a love of learning. Girls are offered one after-school and one lunchtime challenge. This half-term our range of Beacon Challenges will provide girls with inquiry based activities with an investigation into DNA and classification in the Biology department and inviting distinguished Military Historian, Andy Robertshaw, to investigate the nature of Trench Warfare. We look forward to challenges from the Mathematics, English and MFL departments later in the year.

Beacon Demos: During the course of the year departments use our Independent Study period to ‘demonstrate’ a more practical element in their subject. Previous demonstrations have included language taster sessions, musical performances, the transit of mercury and, and our most popular, the Dissection Club demonstrations as part of the KYTOS Biology Enrichment Programme. This year we plan further dissections, languages and the Geography department creating its own hurricane.

Beacon Showcase: We also hold a number of Beacon Showcase events which bring outside speakers in to talk to the girls on an academic topic. For example, the Sports Department have held evening showcase events on Sports Nutrition and Sports Psychology. We hope you will be able to join us  at future Beacon Showcase events.

Beacon Passport: The Beacon Passport allows girls immediate access to the excellent range of activities designed to enrich their learning. The Passport provides girls with an up-to-date list of books, films, local performances, exhibitions and lengthier projects, all of which they can choose to undertake in their own time and at their own pace. I would encourage you to take a look at your daughter’s passport and review the range of activities that are recommended; perfect for both dry and wet weekends! Your daughter will be able to accumulate points on her Passport which will then be collated and celebrated on an individual basis, as well as contributing towards the House Competition.