The Clayton Academic Scholars’ Programme

The Clayton Scholars’ Society includes all girls awarded an Academic Scholarship in the Senior School (this includes All-Rounder awards). We aim to nurture and encourage in them not only the intellectual confidence and pride in their achievement that we expect in all at Tormead, but also a willingness to engage with and contribute to the academic life of the School beyond the classroom.

Scholars are expected to attend Beacon enrichment sessions and to take up some of the many opportunities offered by departments to develop their academic interests. Lunchtime sessions throughout the year, run by staff and Upper Sixth Scholars on a variety of topics, encourage the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

Each Scholar in the Lower School is allocated a Scholar in the Lower Sixth. They meet informally on a roughly fortnightly basis to talk about anything and everything Scholastic that has caught their interest.

In the Autumn Term we celebrate the achievement of the Scholars with a sit-down meal and after-supper speaker. This gives the girls experience of hearing academic speakers talk about subjects beyond the curriculum.

It is rewarding every year to see the full role that the Scholars play within the school along with the prestigious university destinations that they go on to attain.