Goldman Sachs Pre-University Women’s Event

On Friday 24 March I attended the Goldman Sachs Pre-University Women’s event. Around six hundred students applied so I am very honoured to have been one of a hundred selected to attend. It was a full day of activities from 9.30am-3.45pm. We started the day with a panel of five female speakers who spoke about their careers and answered many of our questions. We next had an overview of the Goldman Sachs and an explanation of all the career paths available and how they interlink. We then had a quick break followed by a very energetic speaker who talked about inventing our own brand. This was followed by a networking lunch, where I had the opportunity to speak to four Goldman Sachs employees from the investment banking and human credit management divisions. I made sure to ask as many questions as possible. Our afternoon was filled with a trading simulation using Spotify songs to explain the process and a fascinating talk from senior leader Lia Larson about her experience. Finally, we had a ‘Recruiting 101’ session on how to apply to Goldman Sachs, where I had the opportunity to personally ask a question in front of the whole room. Overall, it was a very insightful day and I highly recommend applying to the any insight days they or other companies offer. 

Ruth Jamera, Upper Sixth