On Thursday evening, Professor Anthony Musson, Head of Research at Royal Historic Palaces and Principal Investigator on the ‘Henry on Tour’ project, came in to give us an intriguing lecture about King Henry VIII. The evening started with a lovely dinner and then we headed up to the lecture theatre to start.

A letter written in Latin and French to Henry’s “nan” or, as we all know her, Anne Boleyn was one of the first artefacts shown and read to us. This was one of many interesting facts about King Henry VIII that I didn’t know. Others included the dwelling in what is now Guildford’s Friary centre, Woking and surrounding areas and his illegitimate son, Henry Fitzgerald. Personally, I enjoyed the talk as the past really interests me, but I am sure that everyone will agree that, no matter what interests you have, the talk was incredibly engaging.

Auriêle, Year 8

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