Beacon Shines Brightly on the new academic year

With its motivating mixture of thought-provoking and challenging activities, this year’s Beacon Programme for girls will feature topics ranging from an Introduction to Philosophy, to the UK General Election, to How the Hand Works.

Beacon is designed to expose our girls to topics beyond the normal curriculum, providing them with intellectual challenges and further academic stimulation. Although all girls are encourage to join in, scholars are expected to attend Beacon sessions; attendees are given the opportunity to develop and defend their ideas amongst both their peers and teachers, including those with whom they may not normally work. For example, Year 8 girls will have the opportunity to enter the World Class Arena problem solving challenge, competing against students of a similar age from around the world.

Linked to the Beacon Programme is the Beacon Passport: an on-line portal containing suggested activities, books, films and exhibitions suitable for girls who want to explore subjects in more depth in their own time, either individually or with other friends or family members.

So, whether you are inquisitive, curious, argumentative or interested in finding out more, Beacon looks forward to welcoming you.

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