Beacon shines on Tormead

The Beacon Programme continued this term with its usual mix of thought provoking and challenging activities for the girls. In the first half of the term, Mrs Atkinson led the Upper School and Sixth Form participants in discovering and discussing the legacy of Mrs Thatcher, whilst Mrs Furey and Mrs Robinson introduced Lower School girls to thinking about cultural differences through the prism of bullfighting in Spanish-speaking countries.

In the second half of the term, Mrs Meats provoked intense debates amongst the older girls about the implications of personal genomes being known, whilst Mr Ewbank introduced the younger girls to the challenges and joys of solving chess problems.

Beacon is designed to expose the girls to topics beyond the normal curriculum, provide them with intellectual challenges, academic stimulation and the opportunity to develop and defend their ideas with girls and teachers within which they may not normally work. Scholars are exoected to attend these sessions, but any pupil who wishes to join in may do so.

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