Last Thursday 14 Computing and IT students were selected to visit the BETT 2024 conference. The suspense was building during the bus journey as we couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us. When we first arrived, we headed off to go and listen to an interesting talk about Al in education. We learned how Al can enhance the educational experience and help us with productivity in the classroom. It was mind-blowing!

After the talk, we got to do some sightseeing and explore some of the commercial stands. It was truly fascinating to see what each company had to offer. We loved learning about their innovative products and services; it was like stepping into the future!

Then, we headed to the gaming section which was an absolute blast! We got to try out all of the latest gaming products that could be used for educational purposes. It was such a fun experience and we couldn’t stop playing! One of the group’s favourites was the projected football field, where we all changed into our football boots and had a kick about.

Next up was the VR experience which was eye-opening! We were completely immersed in the virtual world and it felt so real. We all loved it so much and we can all agree that the technology in the headsets is both powerful and fun. As a group we came up with some ideas on how a VR headset could be used for educational purposes such as virtual visits to historical sites, to explore the human body and even travel to outer space. Imagine all the possibilities!

After lunch, we had the opportunity to experience e-sports and we even witnessed a live tournament. We were so inspired that we talked about starting an e-sports club at school. It would be amazing to try it ourselves and compete with other schools.

Our trip to BETT24 was incredibly educational and we had a great time. We learned so much about the latest technology and how it can be applied in education. It was an unforgettable experience!

Faith & Charlotte, Year 10

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