‘Bright. Young. Things.’ Review

The Year 7 and Year 8 performance of ‘Bright. Young. Things.’ has concluded after three impressive performances on the 3rd, 4th and 5th May. Auditions were held in October with rehearsals over eight months. With 22 cast and crew all taking on different roles: performer, costume, sound, set and lighting designer it really came together to create a magical performance. The success of the show was testament to the hard work and vision of the director, Mrs Annetts and the Lower Sixth Drama Scholars, Maddy and Rina, who put so much of their time and effort into the production as Assistant Directors.

The plot follows six contestants on a reality TV game show. With the all-seeing producers manipulating the results, each child had to overcome their own challenges along the way, forging long lasting friendships as they go. The show was a big success with one audience member saying “the storyline was lovely to follow and the performers did a brilliant job at bringing the audience into their world of the TV Game Show”. The plot and themes of the show were superbly delivered by the cast who brought the script to life with great humour.

As a cast member, I have enjoyed being a part of this production from beginning to end. As I said to the Year 5 audience in the Q & A session after Wednesday’s dress rehearsal “there is something special about working together to create a character and a show that you get to perform to an audience. It’s an experience that you never forget”. Thanks to Mrs Annetts, Rina and Maddy for an unforgettable opportunity and to all of you for coming and watching!

Rose, Year 8

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