Costa Rica was nothing less than extraordinary, from the bright flora and fauna, to the tall mountains and deep craters, there is no place with more magic – our trip there was unbelievable! We travelled through lush rainforests and searched for green turtles as we explored the jewel of Central America.

A great memory of the trip for many was the hot springs at the base of the majestic Areneal volcano. The hot springs ranged from warm to boiling hot, each more and more relaxing against the cool air that swirled from place to place. At the very bottom were the cooler pools where we started our experience and we made our way up towards the looming volcano to the hotter ones, dipping in and out of waterfalls and slides, all of which made the experience more memorable.

Another great experience was the amazing nature walks that we partook in. A few during the day and a couple under the stars. During the day we were able to see many animals such as adorable sloths, many species of frogs and even a nest of a bird of prey (of course we didn’t get too close)! The night walks were also extremely exciting with many nocturnal insects and spiders which were interesting despite their nature. At the beginning of one of our adventurous walks, we found a huge Hercules beetle which was a spectacular sight! We also spotted a few snakes during our walks which was an incredible way to spend our night.

My favourite place was probably the bridges in the cloud forest. The mist engulfed the forest creating a mystical scene to look down on as we walked over the hanging bridges above the clouds. We also found a lone white-nosed coati as well as a white eagle. Both animals were a delightful surprise and added to the beauty of the walk.

The end of the trip had to be the most unforgettable night by far. As we headed to the top of San Jose, the sun set in the distance and revealed the magical night sky, filled with white stars above the bright city, both sparkling beautifully. The Costa Rican meal was one of the best we had, accompanied by traditional music and atmosphere, we were treated to an amazing performance of dancing and music. We were swept off our feet onto the dance floor where everyone danced their hearts out (even the teachers!) and nothing was more perfect. By the end of the night, we sat under the glittering stars with our hands on our hearts, staring in awe at the adventure we would never forget. Pura Vida Costa Rica!

Rhea (Y9) and Rebecca (Y11)

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