‘Crossing the Road’ sessions

Over the past few weeks, the Senior School has been hosting a series of exciting taster lessons for the Year 5 Prep girls to learn more about what is in store for them once they ‘cross the road’ to join the Senior School. The Year 5 pupils enjoyed a varied programme including chemistry, robotics, classics, computer science, art and food & nutrition sessions. Mr Isaacs also held a dissection class for those pupils who wished to attend. They had a truly fascinating and hands-on experience with fish heads!

“I had an amazing week full of absorbing activities in Senior School. I loved physics and chemistry the most, as I loved doing the actual experience and changing the colour of the flame and blending the lights together. I also liked cooking and making wraps. I am even more excited to move to Senior School after all these tasters. I did MFL, English, cookery, physics, chemistry, classics, and Dissection Club. I quite enjoyed dissection. It was a bit creepy at first, but then it got easier and I got used to it and me and my partner got the gills out! I liked Classics and coming up to the board to write the Greek alphabet. Thank you for the experience.” – Isabelle

“I really enjoyed doing robotics the best because I.T. is my favourite subject. I also liked doing chemistry because we got to mix different types of chemicals together and see what colour of fire it would make. History was amazing because we got to learn about the suffragettes and how they were treated. Jelly painting was so cool and we got to have a super amazing piece of work. Music was fun because the music we learnt and the dance moves went on for so long and it went faster and faster. Thank you to all the teachers who taught us. I want to join all of the clubs and I can’t wait until I’m in Senior School!” – Ines

“The Senior School clubs seem so exciting! All the opportunities we have experienced so far, including dissection, physics, chemistry and music have inspired me and have made me so interested and want to join some of these amazing clubs. I know that some of these clubs have trips so I can’t wait to go and some of them might even take place in other countries! My favourite trial so far is probably the dissection as it was fun getting my hands on a dead fish head! Prodding its eye and sticking my bare finger down its throat was very satisfying! I also enjoyed music where we sang lots of songs and played rubber chicken! These experiences inspired me so much and I can’t wait to try them out when I’m actually in Senior School!” – Elkarose

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