D of E Silver Practice Expedition

During the last few days of the Easter holidays, we had the practice expedition for Silver DofE. The weather had been predicted to rain and on the first morning, before we had even left the school, it began to hail which made everyone a little nervous. But the weather held up for that afternoon’s walk and for the cooking in the evening.

However during the night it began to pour with rain so we all woke up to drenched tents. Thankfully we were allowed to leave the tents up during the second day, as we all completed a circular walk back to the same campsite. In the evening, all the teams had their second dinner and plenty of hot drinks.

The last day involved everyone walking across a military training zone with our high-vis jackets on. Then we all completed the final stretch to the Devil’s Punchbowl car park and had to complete a short debrief in our teams before being able to head home. It was certainly a memorable experience, although definitely very tiring!

Blue Team

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