Dare to Dream – Tormead Song Makes it to 99 in Music Charts

Tormead launched a new song, Dare to Dream, into the music charts last night at a glittering event featuring the best of all Tormead offers. The song made it to number 99 in the music charts, which was a wonderful accolade for our two Dare to Dream vocalists – Poppy in Lower Sixth and Tia in Upper Sixth!

Composed by Director of Music Anthony Merryweather, the Dare to Dream song was performed live, delighting guests at the event. Other acts performing on the night were the school’s Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, Schola Cantorum, Senior Vocal Group, soloists, poetry readings, drama performances, and special guests – the Boxgrove Primary School choir.

A buzzing excitement grew, leading to a final countdown by Headmistress Christina Foord, to launch the Dare to Dream song into the music charts. Amidst balloons and glitter, the audience downloaded the song: all proceeds go to Music in Hospitals & Care, a charity which brings live music to people in care settings across the UK.

Download the Dare to Dream here:

View the heart-warming Dare to Dream video here!

Our VIP guests from Music in Hospitals & Care were on hand to celebrate Dare to Dream.
Tormead Choir and Boxgrove Primary School Choir perform ‘This is Me’.

Guests eagerly await the Dare to Dream download finale!

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