Enrichment Sessions

Every Wednesday in Form Time at Tormead we enrich our students beyond the curriculum, with teachers, and students and sometimes external visitors, offering a 20 minute talk or activity on a subject of their choice. The students have free choice over whether they attend a lecture or remain in their form rooms to discuss a current issue. This week Years 7-9 were treated to a talk by Mrs Dvali on ‘The History of Sweets’, and Years 9 and above were able to choose between ‘What is happening in Israel this week?’ with Mrs Colbeck and Dr Claeson, ‘Reflections from Jury Service: The British legal system’ with Mr Parker, and Year 13 student, Felicity delivering a talk on: “Why was consumption (pulmonary TB) romanticised in the 19th century?” Tormead tutors then also delivered a session on ‘Windrush’, exploring the Windrush Generation and the current scandal.

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