Former Head Girl, Eilidh Bass, Guest of Honour at Upper Sixth Prize Giving

Last week, Tormead celebrated the efforts and achievements of our fabulous Upper Sixth girls at a Prize Giving afternoon, where the speaker and guest of honour was former Head Girl, Eilidh Bass.

Eilidh, who graduated in 2012 with A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and 3D Art, entertained us with her memories of the “fantastic foundation and opportunities” the school provided to her and her younger sisters, Hannah and Maggie, who also attended Tormead. She spoke about her career progression, and it was fascinating to learn more about how her graduation project for her studies in Performance Costume and Design at the University of Edinburgh was a springboard for her later career. For this fortuitous project, Eilidh created two “amazingly crazy” costumes for children’s TV programme, ‘The Magic Roundabout’, with a dress that featured a mechanical revolving roundabout. This design, in turn, led to her further developing an interest in children’s television, and she now works as for Ragdoll Productions, an international award-winning independent children’s television production company.

We would like to thank Eilidh for her memorable speech, her kind words and uplifting messages of encouragement to our Upper Sixth Leavers.  It was a delightful Prize Giving event, and one which will be remembered fondly by all.

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