Gatton Park

Reception and Year 1 trip to Gatton Park

On Wednesday Reception and Year 1 went to Gatton Park. We went on the coach and it was fun! First we learnt about the life cycle of a frog. There were a lot of games and the first one was we were little tadpoles and we were pretending to hatch out of a hoop and we had to hold hands. We had to collect cards and there were blue, orange, brown and yellow cards. We had to collect cards and it was a puzzle game and my team made a frog. We had a chart and it had flowers on, we had to find the flowers. The last game was when we had bees on our fingers and we had to collect pollen. It was a great adventure!

By Zara (Y1)

On Wednesday Year 1 and Reception went to Gatton Park! Hooray! It was amazing, so much to see and do. We played the lily pad game. We did a flower walk, we had a clipboard and we had to spot all the flowers. Finally we were bees and we had to collect pollen.

By Aryana (Y1)

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