On Friday 29 September, 50 excited Drama students and four even more excited teachers headed to the lovely Chichester Festival Theatre to watch Quiz by James Graham. The play cleverly used Brechtian techniques to deliver a verbatim account of the story of the ‘Coughing Major’ scandal from the 2001 episode of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. With some technological wizardry via the ‘Ask the Audience’ quiz helpline, we were able to vote on whether we thought the Major was guilty or not of cheating his way to the £1 million cash prize. The story played with our minds and made us question everything about the court case and series of events and the Tormead GCSE and A Level cohort were truly split 50:50 in their opinion by the end of the play. It was tense, comic and engagingly staged throughout and a real Friday night treat.

Ashley Campbell, Head of Drama

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