Hockey 1stXI are Surrey county trophy champions

At Cranleigh on Wednesday 10th October the Hockey 1stXI took part in the Surrey County Hockey Trophy and came back to school proudly sporting gold medals!

St Johns v Tormead 1-2
In the first game against St Johns the girls played well and astutely executed the plan practised during training. They attacked well using the width and also supported each other better than they had before. The girls quickly went 1 nil up and then continued to apply pressure all over the pitch working hard as a unit. At half time the score was 1-0 and they were quickly reminded how it could feel to be 1-1 and not get the win, and they all noted that their desire was to win and went out as a stronger unit in the second half. However St John’s levelled the score and at this point the girls picked themselves up and showed character to fight on and get the winning goal as Ellie made an  incisive run to the top left of the D and slotted the ball home.

Priors Field v Tormead 0-1
In the second game against Priors Field it was a matter of mental strength as Tormead had played a game but with the unfortunate no shown of Lingfield it meant that Priors Field hadn’t played and thus the tired legs of our girls played a part in the game. Tormead knew that only a win could secure the medals! It was this game in which the whole squad contributed with great performances, and again peppered the Priors Field goal, but it was with substitution at the right time that made the goal, switching Ellie into right midfield with fresh legs meant the ball was played into her and she was able to utilise that energy and go on to score the winner. Priors Field came back strongly and put some pressure on to Tormead, but after half time we regained some of the shape we had lost in the first half and came through worthy winners!

On to the next round – the Regionals.

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