Horizon Talk – Angela Richardson, MP

On Friday 20 January, Tormead Sixth Form received a visit from the Guildford Member of Parliament, Angela Richardson, as a part of their Horizons programme. Ms. Richardson is a member of the Conservative Party, and the Sixth Form listened with keen interest as she discussed topics of both local and national relevance. 

A number of matters were brought up by Ms. Richardson, such as her campaign to combat the issue of pollution within Guildford’s A3 by introducing a tunnel that will allow traffic to pass underneath it – a topic that is clearly close to her heart, as well as the way that the government coped and was managed during COVID-19. She also discussed the daily life of an MP, something that the Sixth Form were enthralled by. 

When questions were introduced, the Sixth Form did not hold back. Students asked questions on all kinds of topics from the NHS strikes and government funds to her opinion on the lack of background checks within the police force. The Sixth Form students held their own as they respectfully disagreed with some of her arguments, and were inclined to agree with her on others. All in all, it was an informative and stimulating experience, and we look forward to the opportunity to see her again. 

Abbie, Lower Sixth

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