House Fashion & Dance

The annual Tormead House Fashion and Dance Competition is a highlight for all Senior School pupils and staff, and this year’s competition did not disappoint! Each House created a maximum of seven costumes made from recycled or repurposed materials – including old school uniform. This year, each House had the added challenge of demonstrating their sewing and crochet skills, and one outfit had to be constructed using only materials from a ‘mystery box’.

Wellington opened the event with their theme of ‘Festivals Around the World’. For the judges, the stand-out outfit was created using old school uniform and designed to look like a full moon. There was also some great energy on stage when all the Wellington staff and Sixth Formers danced as if they were at Glastonbury Festival!

Next up was Livingstone, with their interpretation of ‘Mythical Creatures’. The judges noted how creative Livingstone’s choreography was, with their huge variety of dance styles and great engagement from their staff model, Mr Makris. The highlight was their mermaid inspired outfit, with a clever use of recycled material.

Nelson House put on a circus-themed show, and captivated the audience from the start with their ringmaster costume. All of the choreography and music choices were complementary to the theme and all performers stayed in character, including the scary clown! The acrobat costume was crafted with an ingenious use of papier-mâché – a great way to recycle old newspapers.

Last up, was Nightingale with their interpretation of the theme ‘Pop Star’ (think Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Katy Perry and the Spice Girls). Their gymnastics brought a high level of energy to the competition and all the pupils performed with enthusiasm. Nightingale’s highlight was their exceptional crochet skills and a pair of shorts crafted from Waitrose bags!

A huge well done to everyone involved in House Fashion and Dance, especially the House Captains and Heads of House: Mr Keey, Mr Campbell, Mrs Moodie and Mrs Landon. Congratulations to Nelson House for winning this year’s competition.

Gemma Burgess, Senior Head of Houses

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