The House Fashion and Dance event is always a firm favourite House event at Tormead, and this year’s show was hotly anticipated as the first full performance after the pandemic. The hall was full to the gunnels with students and teachers, and the weeks building up to the final day were busy with dance rehearsals, dressmaking and sign making in just about every corner of the school!

The House Captains did not disappoint – they put together shows with great imagination and creativity, involving girls from all years in the school. Nightingale opened with the theme of ‘Movies’, displaying some fabulous acrobatic dancing and individual performances, with a wonderfully choreographed piece for Pirates of the Caribbean. The ‘Cruella’ dress sported the most amazing train! Wellington’s theme of ‘Cities’ was full of imagination and the dressmakers went to town creating the most amazing outfits, from exquisitely crafted head-dresses in ‘New York’ to a full London themed outfit for our very own Dr Carrel, complete with ‘Brit’ skirt and ruffs! The audience was treated to a kaleidoscope of models from Tokyo to Rio, earning Wellington first place for Fashion.

Up next was Nelson, who impressed all round with their beautifully crafted signs and imaginative touches such as umbrellas opening to sparkling ‘rain’. Their theme was ‘Hollywood’ and the models acted the part! Natalia captured everyone’s hearts with her representation of Judy Garland and the Nelson girls danced a wonderful routine to ‘Putting on the Ritz’. Finally, Livingstone gave their performance on the theme of ‘Music Genres’ and entertained the audience from start to finish, having a lot of fun along the way. Opening to classical music from Bridgerton, the model wore a carefully crafted dress made entirely of music scores. Seamlessly, the scenes shifted from classical to pop, country to rock and finished with 80’s and Drill. The lower school danced some great routines with energy and spirit. Teen spirit turned to 80’s fun with the model sporting luminescent accessories, a re-purposed Tormead blazer and hand-made crochet top! A highlight for all was Mr Ewbank appearing alongside a well-drilled 6th form team for the rap finale! The House Fashion continues to be a highlight of the Tormead calendar and full credit to all the girls and staff who get involved and put on such an amazing, entertaining show. This year was no exception!

Anna Woodfine

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