On Monday 24 April, Milly, Nia, Anna and I were privileged to have the opportunity to record a podcast with Lady Marieme Jamme for her website ‘iamtheCODE’. We were also fortunate to be joined in the podcast by four students from our international partnership school, Bhu Pu Sainik in Nepal.

iamtheCODE is the first African-led Foundation which aims to enable one million women and girls across the worLd to code by 2030. This incredible charity was founded by Lady Marieme and to this day has worked with over 28,000 girls in 70 countries. It was our honour to have the opportunity to work with such an inspirational woman, who has been named twice as one of the 100 most influential Africans by the African Business Magazine.

The podcast is part of season eight, which is centred around the question ‘Who is Fixing the World?’ Throughout the podcast, discussions took place about whose responsibility it is to better the world. There were many interesting conversations centred around how we, as young women, can be part of the generation that will fix the world’s issues. It is fair to say that as we came to the end of the podcast, there was collective agreement that it is crucial that through uniting different cultures and communities throughout the world, we can create one force that will help drive society forward.

Recording the podcast not only gave us the wonderful opportunity to work with such an inspirational person as Lady Marieme Jamme, but I know I speak on behalf of the whole Head Girl Team when I say that we really valued the opportunity to learn more about the different lives and cultures of our friends in Nepal.

Lily, Deputy Head Girl

Listen to the Podcast here

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