Ian Murphy Art Workshop

On Friday 19 June art students in Year 10 and Lower Sixth took part in a workshop led by the artist Ian Murphy. We were presented with some of his work from different parts of his creative process. He starts in a sketchbook where he travels around the world to places such as Venice and Beijing, creating quick drawings with just a pen. When he gets back to his studio in the UK, he develops ideas that he likes, scaling them up and using different mediums to create texture. The last part of his process is creating a final piece in oil paints.

On Friday, we learnt about the second part of his process by taking A3 pieces of paper, sticking newspaper and tissue paper on them, then sanding it down to create texture. Then, using a pen we created drawings by mainly focusing on filling in negative space to make the object the main focus of the piece. For our final piece of the day we used the same process for the texture but then used graphite to create our drawings. Despite having to work at a fast pace throughout the day, everybody found it very fun and exciting.

Rebecca, Year 10

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