Years 4-6

The curriculum is broadly based on the National Curriculum and the National Primary Frameworks for English and Mathematics, but we ensure that we teach beyond the confines of these documents. The girls will have many practical and first hand experiences during the course of any one week, allowing their understanding to come to life and ensuring their knowledge is applied in a variety of new and challenging tasks.

The subjects taught are:

Core Subjects


Foundation Subjects

Latin (from Year 5)
Spanish (from Year 5)
Religious Education
Design Technology
Personal, Social and Health Education
Thinking and Learning
Games, Gymnastics and Dance
Swimming (from Year 3)

In many classes, and certainly those of the younger girls, these subjects are taught using cross-curricular topics, which enables the girls to have greater continuity in their learning.

In addition, Years 4, 5 and 6 enjoy residential trips.

  • Year 5 travel to Hindhead for an activity week where the ultimate aim is to get as muddy as possible! The girls enjoy many activities including; a sensory trail, fencing, abseiling, climbing and the ‘Mud Challenge’.
  • Year 6 travel to Devon, where their days are filled with outdoor activities, hikes, canoeing and campfires.