KYTOS: Biology enrichment and so much more

The KYTOS website helps to embed a number of key principles on which our Biology teaching is based, and it is through independent study and enquiry of mind that KYTOS aims to enrich this learning  experience.

The word ‘cyto’ is derived from the Greek word KYTOS, which refers to a container, or receptacle to be filled – the Tormead Biology Enrichment Programme is designed to be this receptacle; an everchanging and constantly updated resource that girls can utilise to enrich their learning, and deepen their understanding of the biological world.

It was Ewell (1997) who suggested that the learners themselves are not ‘receptacles’ of knowledge, but rather they create their own learning actively and uniquely. The KYTOS Programme offers unique opportunities;  the girls are encouraged, for example, to develop their photography and design skills through various competitions. Students wishing to pursue careers in Medicine and Veterinary Science are provided with expert career advice and offered exciting work experience roles.

A dedicated BIO:BLOG allows students to share their thoughts and ideas, not only when extra support may be needed with course  material, but as a means of initiating debate and discussion about key developments in the field of Biology.

Mr Isaacs’ Youtube Channel mr i explains is another fantastic science resource. If you are struggling to get to grips with some of the trickier Science topics you learn about in school, then why not watch one of the videos!

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