Lower Sixth history trip to Hampton Court Palace

On Wednesday, the Lower Sixth History cohort enjoyed a very enriching trip to Hampton Court Palace. On arrival, we attended a seminar on the subject of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, which allowed us to appreciate in greater depth the reasons for his appointment and downfall. We also learned more about Wolsey as a person and were able to connect these characteristics to the architecture of the palace itself. Following the seminar, we were able to explore many other significant parts of the palace, including the Gallery, which is allegedly haunted by Catherine Howard, the fifth of Henry VIII’s wives. We also visited the recent Permissible Beauty exhibition, which explores how society views different forms of beauty, and which Anna from Year 12 helped to assemble. Finally, we attempted to navigate the maze, some more successfully than others, which concluded the day in high spirits. Overall, a thought-provoking trip which has enhanced our learning and understanding of the Tudor era.

Alexandra, Lower Sixth

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