Lower Sixth Volunteering

Ever since we started in September, I have loved having the opportunity to volunteer at the Guildford Nursery School on the Hazel Avenue site. The children are aged 2-4, a vital stage of childhood, so gave the chance for us to see the world a little more from their perspective, a new pair of adventurous eyes viewing the world and all it has to offer. Taking time every fortnight to connect with people in our wider community, helping them to learn and play, whilst seeing how joyous and loving they were was really refreshing. As the weeks passed, we got to know them all individually and soon they started to recognise us, which felt like an accomplishment in itself! It was so heartwarming, watching as the children grew from the start of the year when many of them were new to the nursery and not used to being away from their parents or guardians for that long, to becoming confident young people, many of whom were certainly not afraid to take charge.

Volunteering is so important, as its impact on our wider community is something that we may not often consider, yet can change lives, both from those receiving the help and those volunteering. Not only were we able to help a nursery and support the young people there, building connections and friendships, but there was so much that I learned from the experience. At times, it challenged our communication skills, however this is something that I’m pleased to have overcome, as a bit of patience and perseverance goes such a long way. Knowing that we’ve had an impact whilst also developing our skillset is so special, and overall an opportunity that I will cherish.

Milly, L6

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