Cologne, known as Köln in German, is a captivating city that we were fortunate enough to visit. Our trip to Cologne included a visit to the Lindt chocolate museum, where we marvelled at a chocolate fountain and indulged in taste testing. On the same day, we went on a memorable boat ride along the Rhein River, capturing numerous photographs of the city’s historic buildings.

The following day, we visited the Cologne Cathedral, a remarkable architectural masterpiece that took an impressive 700 years to complete. Determined to savour the best view of the city, we climbed 533 steps (verified by yours truly) to reach the most magnificent vantage point Cologne had to offer.

Furthermore, our adventures in Cologne led us to a thrilling theme park, where we experienced colossal rides that made us feel as if we were soaring towards the sky, ready to touch the clouds at any moment.

On a more sombre note, we also made a visit to a memorial service that occupied the former building of the Gestapo. Within its walls, we were confronted with the haunting remnants of torture chambers and prison cells. Engravings on the walls, etched with poems of despair, served as a poignant reminder of a painful history that must never be forgotten.

To immerse ourselves in the local culture, we savoured a variety of regional delicacies, including Currywurst and Spaghetti Eis.

Our time in Cologne was truly unforgettable, offering a perfect blend of sweet indulgence, breath-taking sights, historical significance, thrilling adventures, and culinary delights. Many thanks to Mrs Romaniuk and Ms Lee who made this trip possible!

Thaïs , Year 10

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