I really enjoyed the Year 10 MFL trip to Paris during Activity Week. It was a very educational trip filled with many amazing opportunities, helping practise our French skills and teaching us a lot about French culture.

On Monday, after arriving we visited the Louvre. We also walked past and admired the Arc de Triomphe on the way to dinner at a local restaurant.

On Tuesday, we visited The Basilica of the Sacré Cœur and enjoyed some free time in the nearby area. In our free time we visited a local café, souvenir shops and admired the magnificent buildings. After language school, we went on a boat cruise down the River Seine. On the boat cruise we saw many of the famous monuments in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and the Orsay Museum.

On Wednesday we did a scavenger hunt around Paris. The scavenger hunt was in French which allowed us to practise our French skills. After language school, we had the Tour Montparnasse, where we could see an idyllic 360 view of Paris.

On Thursday, we visited the beautiful Hotel de la Marine and finished the scavenger hunt. The final round of our scavenger hunt was beneath the Eiffel Tower.

On Friday, we fortunately got to explore Parc Asterix and the exhilarating attractions it contains.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we also had language lessons at a local language school, which were extremely useful in helping us improve our French. We learnt about films, the past tenses and emotions.

Millie, Year 10

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