I personally have to say that Iolanthe was a truly spectacular show, including a fantastic orchestra and a funny and enjoyable plot about the two lovers (Strephon and Phyllis) and the twist of plot when Phyllis discovers Iolanthe and Strephon together … alone! One of the scenes that the audience reacted with much humour to was when the Lord Chancellor and his two peers sing the song about his love Phyllis, and how his adoring butler trying to join in leads to a number of incidents and injuries in his way! I would rate Iolanthe 5 stars and would definitely watch it again if given the opportunity! – Perri-Jane, Y7

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Iolanthe, which also had an amazingly skilled orchestra and a very funny man who introduced the performance and got the audience interacting. The story features two lovers, called Strephon and Phyllis, who break apart after Phyllis finds out a secret that Strephon has been hiding from her. What I really liked about the performance was the interaction with the audience, which is always fun for everyone, and it was very entertaining. Iolanthe is a 10/10 and I am extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to attend it. –Nana, Y7

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