Networking Event

Last Thursday evening saw the return of our annual Networking Event and it was wonderful to see so many Tormead families in attendance. Guests were introduced to the evening by Mr Kerry Richardson with an engaging talk on “Success in the World of Work.” Following this, guest were invited to join one of two breakout sessions where they spoke to industry professionals about the jobs that they do, any misconceptions about their industry, and how they reached the position they are in now.

Traditional career paths such as medicine and law were well attended but guests were also able to engage with engineers and businesspeople speaking on defence intelligence and cyber security. Ecology and environmental experts and academics sat alongside sustainable fashion designers and charity leaders working with persecuted minorities in the Middle East. Business and finance was also represented with speakers in risk management, business strategy and leadership coaching.

Many of our guests followed a traditional career path but many also followed their passions and carved out careers in industries perhaps they never set their sights on when they were at school…a wonderful message to pass on to our Upper School pupils as they navigate their way through GCSEs and A Levels. Some perhaps with their sights on their chosen careers but many, I’m sure, questioning what they should do next.

We would like to thank all the guests who attended the evening and the speakers who gave their time to speak to our pupils and parents. This was the first event in support of the ARC programme raising funds for pupil bursary awards and it raised nearly £700. If you would like to know more about the ARC programme, please email or if you would like to donate yourself, please visit

Scott Patterson, Development & Alumnae Officer

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