New rooftop observatory launched at Tormead’s scholars’ evening

On Friday 17 November, Tormead held its annual Clayton Society Scholars’ Evening.

We were very privileged to be joined by Dr Carolin Crawford, an astrophysicist from the University of Cambridge.

After a delicious dinner, students and staff were given a fascinating insight into the developments of astrophysics with topics including black holes, the James Webb telescope, worm holes, the expansion of the universe and Dr Crawford’s own journey into becoming a well renowned scientist. The thought-provoking lecture had everyone on the edge of the seats and we were definitely all inspired by her field of study.

The lecture was followed by Dr Crawford opening the school’s brand new observatory, closely watch by Linda, the clanger astronomy mascot. Tormead astronomers were delighted to have this amazing facility up and running and are looking forward to the great nights of observing which are to come.

As Mr Peter Wilkinson, Head of Physics, commented, “Astronomy is a subject which fascinates so many young people and in which they can easily do real observational scientific work. It enriches and extends the Physics we teach and also enables pupils whose main academic subjects may not be in the Sciences to keep involved with a science as part of their broader education.”

News written by Emma and Selina, Clayton Scholars’

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