On Monday our Year 11 scientists attended the New Scientist Live Science Festival. Run by New Scientist magazine, it gave the students an “opportunity to get hands-on with the technology of the future”. The exhibition was divided into four categories: The Universe, Mind and Body, Our Planet and Future Technologies, allowing everyone to explore various topics. They discovered how 3D printing is being used in medicine, listened to a Space talk with a live link-up with astronaut Andreas Mogensen aboard the International Space Station and met Middlesex University, where the students met various robots and got to have a hug from Bertie, the robot.

The New Scientist trip was such an amazing experience and everyone I asked loved it. From seeing a robotic dog walk around to watching a livestream of a man in the space station, it was incredible to watch everyone express their passion. Overall we all found it so interactive and fun and I loved telling my family about it!” – Lucy, Y10

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