Opportunities Await

Tormead’s Upper Sixth proved themselves to be ultra competitive, outscoring last year’s cohort and gaining superb A Level results in the process.

With over 50% results at A*-A, more than 4 out of every 5 exams awarded A*, A or B and over a third of candidates gaining straight A*/As, the girls have done themselves, their families and their school proud and are ready to embark on a hugely exciting range of courses, including Medicine, Modern Languages, Architecture, Psychology, Maths, Animation, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences, Economics, Engineering, English, Nursing and History.

The talented young women will head off next month to destinations around the UK including LSE, Birmingham, Imperial College, Bath, Nottingham, Durham, Lancaster, Cardiff, Surrey, KCL and Loughborough.

Headmistress Christina Foord praised the girls for their ambition and determination, and the staff for their dedicated and expert guidance of their students. “Our direct influence in their education is complete,” she added, “and we are very proud of their achievements, but what they do in their futures is what will make the difference: I am confident they will use  their talents to the full and very excited for them.”

Where next?