Parent & Daughter Cricket & Tennis Tournament

Last Saturday brought sunshine and a great celebration of our summer sports in the Parent and Daughter Cricket and Tennis tournament. The Urnfield provided the perfect setting for senior cricket with 20 keen pairs ready to battle. With much skill on display and a lot of laughter too, there were two very competitive games. The overall winners were Bea and her dad, followed by Chloe and her dad, a very close three runs behind.

Prep School tennis was a slightly quieter affair with six pairs playing in a round robin tournament back at Tormead. There was lots of encouragement and support all round. Congratulations to the eventual winners, Penelope and her dad.

Prep School cricket involved nine pairs. An entertaining opening partnership started the game off with a bang and was followed by much skill development and encouraging feedback. The final winners with both a fantastic fielding and batting performance were Alice and her dad.

The whole day was played in a great spirit and a big thank you to both the students and their families for a very enjoyable day.

Gillian Rodgers, Director of Sport

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