Propeller perform pocket comedy on JCS Stage

Year 9 girls at Tormead were treated to Pocket Comedy – a sixty minute version of Propeller’s acclaimed production of The Comedy of Errors; one of Shakespeare’s funniest and smartest comedies.

Two sets of estranged twins, separated at birth, find themselves in the same city 25 years later with hilarious consequences. A series of mistaken identities, assumed personas, and wild mishaps bring a family crisis – so complicated that time itself loses the plot – into heart warming focus. Fortunately the audience is always one step ahead…

“Imagine a very upmarket, fast-paced Shakespearean pantomime – complete with slapstick, fart jokes, drag, occasional songs, and some deliciously camp over-acting – and you’ve got Edward Hall’s glitteringly funny take on Comedy of Errors using Propeller’s hall-mark small, all male cast” says Susan Elkin, The Stage Thursday 29th Sept 2011

The JCS stage was transformed into a south American setting with percussion and drums used to help tell the tale. After the performance the actors invited questions and feedback from the audience in an open and engaging dialogue as well as teaching one student how to perform the fight scenes!

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