Reception Girls Exceed National Levels in the Prime Areas of Learning

Tormead’s Reception-age girls have achieved ‘Good Levels of Development’, far exceeding both national and Surrey averages, according to a recent Standards & Testing Agency Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Moderation.

“As the Reception girls’ first year at Tormead comes to an end, we are delighted to reflect on the achievements they have made,” said Elizabeth Alderman, Head of Key Stage 1. “The recent findings from the EYFS moderation are a testament to the Tormead value: we bring out the best in our girls.”  

EYFS sets out what all early years childcare providers must do to ensure that each child learns and develops. Its aim is to promote teaching and learning to make sure that all children have the skills to get them ready to progress through school and future life. 

Headmistress Christina Foord added, “I am so pleased that the dedication and enthusiasm of the KS1 staff have been recognised: the care, expertise and fun they inject into all that our youngest pupils experience enables such outstanding early learning progress – and the smiles the girls carry with them brighten up our days.”  

EYFS requires assessment of all children at rising 5 years of age for attainment for each Early Learning Goal (ELG), with evidence being gathered throughout the year. While EYFS expects most children to achieve the ELGs, some children may still be at the ‘emerging’ level of development on a particular goal. The recent report showed that the majority of Tormead Reception-age girls have exceeded the 17 ELGs, by already working at National Curriculum levels.  

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