On Friday 11 November, Tormead held its annual Remembrance Assembly. This year, the theme was the role of women in World War I and the impact on their lives. We particularly examined their role in the workforce, and the political impact of the war on campaigns for female suffrage. Above all, however, we considered how war shaped lives, often in tragic circumstances, looking at the correspondence of a Tormead teacher in 1917, who wrote to her fiancé on the front line throughout the conflict. Music provided by the Chamber Choir and orchestra, and the Mozart Players was particularly poignant, and was accompanied by a photo montage of World War I photographs from family members of the Tormead community, and pupils’ photographs from the recent Year 9 Battlefields Tour to Ypres and the Somme. We are very grateful to all the pupils and staff who contributed to this poignant memorial to those who have loved and lost in war.

During the rest of November, pupils in all years will be participating in research activities based around the theme of remembrance in form time. Years 7 and 9 will be designing a poppy for either a particular group or individual who fell in World War I, using a range of online resources. Years 9-13 will be exploring the romance of Dot French, the aforementioned Tormead teacher and her wartime love letters. We look forward very much to seeing the work that the pupils produce.

Lest we forget.

Dr. H. Carrel, Head of History

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