Scholars’ Dinner & Lecture

Last Thursday evening saw Tormead scholars gather for an evening of erudite conversation, delightful food and inspiring words from Alex Staniforth, at the annual Scholars’ Dinner and Lecture.

The dinner was a brilliant opportunity for students across year groups to converse and get to know one another better. Following this, Alex Staniforth, the evening’s speaker, led us through his journey from his struggles with bullying, a stammer and mental health issues in school, to the peaks of Mount Everest, publishing two books and founding a mental health charity. Alex urged students to look back on their own journey and relationship with success. The talk was a thought-provoking climb up to the peaks of ‘success’ and down into the crevices of ‘failure’ and encouraged us to redefine these terms for ourselves.

A massive thank you to the catering team for their hard work, the teachers for their insightful and engaging conversation, as well as Miss Pontin and Ms Stevens for organising this fantastic evening.

Felicity, Year 12

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