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At every stage in their education, Tormead girls are encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities. Senior girls partake in a wide variety of clubs and societies on a weekly basis, as well as join in with daily sports sessions, music opportunities and performing arts.  The selection of Senior Clubs (excluding sports and music clubs) include:

  • Creative Writing Club
  • Book Club
  • TorNews
  • Knit & Stitch Club
  • Mosaic Club
  • Painting & Drawing Club
  • Art Scholars Club
  • Christian Union
  • Muslim Prayer
  • Drama Club
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme
  • 3D Printing Club
  • Countdown Club
  • Languages Club
  • Les Francophiles
  • Senior German Club
  • Feminism Society
  • Biology Enrichment
  • Conservation Club
  • Dissection Club
  • Forensics Club
  • Genetics Society
  • Senior Engineering Clubs
  • Science in the News
  • Astronomy Clubs
  • Digital Leaders
  • Programming Club
  • Past Times Club
  • History Film
  • Puzzle Club
  • Chess Club
  • Mock Trial / Debating Club
  • Yoga
  • Cooking for University Club
Tormead School
New Sporting Home for Tormead

Read about our exciting plans to develop a Tormead ‘home ground’ sporting facility at Urn Field.

Click Here: Urn Field Sports Facilities Project