We are very lucky at Tormead to enjoy strong relationships with our partner schools. Last week we hosted a joint Prefect’s Dinner with the Royal Grammar School, invited Year 2 pupils from Glenesk for a morning of gymnastics and enjoyed a visit from the Reception boys at RGS Prep.

On Tuesday, the Year 2 class from Glenesk joined our Year 2 girls in their gymnastics lesson. The girls showed amazing confidence and talent as they helped show their new Glenesk friends how we do gymnastics at Tormead and everyone finished the lesson with a cookie and went home with a certificate. It was a really lovely day of integration between the two schools and everyone had a fantastic experience. 

On Thursday evening, RGS and Tormead prefects, house captains and marketing teams met for their annual Prefect’s Dinner. As a precursor to the dinner, members from both schools formed teams to debate the motion ‘Are coeducational schools a better learning environment?’. (Read the full report here.)

And on Friday, the gate between Tormead Prep and adjoining RGS Prep was flung open and the Reception children from both schools spent time together exploring Tormead’s new Reception classroom and outside area. It was wonderful to see the boys and girls connecting as our girls showed the RGS Prep boys around and encouraged them to play and complete activities together. It was lovely to welcome the Reception staff from RGS Prep as well as Mr Freeman-Day, Head of RGS Prep, and together we watched the children explore our very own ‘Teletubby Land’ and have great fun in the sunshine.

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