On Wednesday 3 May, Tormead was proud to host its inaugural Science Fair, a truly remarkable event, showcasing the incredible talents of our young scientists. Their superb effort and enthusiasm were evident in their thought-provoking research boards, covering a wide range of captivating topics. Alexandra, Ellie, Isla and Florence delved into the intriguing links between eye colour and vision, unravelling the mysteries behind how different eye colours may impact visual acuity. Holly and Taline sought to uncover the truth about the effectiveness of fans in cooling our bodies, utilising innovative experiments and meticulous data analysis. The inventive use of NFCs was explored by Leo, who was able to demonstrate their potential applications in various fields. The profound relationship between music and human physiology was investigated, with projects by Annie and Freya examining how heart rate responds to different genres, and Ella and Alison researching how music influences productivity.

The science fair also delved into the realm of personal hygiene, with Twishaa, Chloe S, Chloe B and Elana examining the effectiveness of various soaps in eradicating bacteria. The captivating connection between speed, gravity, and satellite movement was examined by Erin, who helped to shed light on the complex dynamics governing objects in space. Lastly, an audacious project dared to question the very foundations of our existence, as Amelie investigated the potential evolutionary links between humans and chimpanzees. Our first Tormead Science Fair was an extraordinary display of intellectual curiosity and scientific rigor, and everyone who took part should be incredibly proud of their efforts.

Rob Isaacs, Director of Science

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