Science Week @ Tormead goes with a Fizz and a Bang!

Last week, in conjunction with the British Science Week, #BSW2017, the girls were exposed to a whole array of large scale school experiments. These ranged from the Big Fizz, a cola cola and mentos explosion, the Chain Reaction involving 90 ping pong balls  and the Natural Selection Challenge involving Moths!

Apart from the annual House Science Quiz, this year won by Livingstone, Year 7 & 8 also had special Physics lessons on this year’s Science Week theme of Change. They competed to make the longest explosive sticks. The photographs below will help explain this!

In Biology, Darwin’s ideas were once again put to the test, as girls simulated Galapagos finches, racing one another to pick up as much food as possible, using specialised beaks.

In Year 7 and 8 Chemistry lessons they continued the theme of Fizz reactions. Girls were set the challenge of investigating what factors sped up the reaction between bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

Overall, the school had a lot of fun but also a real opportunity to develop and explore the various aspects of Science. For more information about each department please click on the links below

Biology: @Tormead_Biology

Chemistry: @Tormead_Chemistry

Physics: @Tormead_Physics

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