British Science Week sees Tormead packed with exciting activities & events

It has been a very busy week for Tormead Science, as the school has enjoyed celebrating British Science Week. Students have embraced an entire range of different opportunities and activities, fitting given this year’s theme of growth.

Some of the highlights of the week included the Physics department, who hosted live links with The European Space Agency, and the ExoMars rover control centre in Italy as part of Mars Day on Monday. Students were fortunate to be part of an interactive webinar on ‘Technology in Space’, delivered by some of the UK’s leading planetary scientists. Year 7 and 8 were also treated to special themed lessons on the mathematical side of growth!

In Chemistry, students caught a glimpse of the magical world of alchemy, developing a better understanding of how chemicals help ‘light the way’ and our lower school grew their very own, and quite unforgettable fire snakes in sand.

The Biology department hosted a dedicated Enrichment session, looking at new and exciting developments in the news; a special MED:SEM on skeleton, bones and growth and our Sixth Form took part in the 2022 British Biology Olympiad – good luck to all of you. Students were able to look through the lens of the microscope and see not only cells dividing by mitosis in real time, but the amazing creatures living in our very own school pond.

Thursday’s whole school dissection of a sheep head saw an incredible turnout, with girls from the Prep and Senior side coming along to learn more about anatomy and physiology.

We also welcomed Mr Seb Sturridge to Tormead, Consultant hip surgeon at Frimley Park Hospital who gave the school community, including parents, a fascinating insight into his role, and the amazing work that he is involved with in robotics.

Mr Dan Wilkinson (Head of Psychology) gave an eye-opening seminar on growth mindset, we launched the Famous Scientists picture quiz and treasure hunt, highlighting incredible women in STEM and the impact of their work in society.

A fantastic week of Science, with more photos and stories available to view on the Senior and prep School Instagram pages.

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