The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

“Gold D of E gave me the opportunity to take part in something I wouldn’t otherwise have done. It challenged us as a team but we pulled together to create an experience we will never forget. I highly recommend it to everyone.”

From Year 10 onwards, girls are eligible to join the Bronze level of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme; many progress to Silver and eventually achieve their Gold Award before they leave the School.

Aim of the Award:

To provide an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development for young people, which is of the highest quality and the widest reach.

Benefits to Participants:

In taking part, participants develop:

Self-belief Self-confidence A sense of identity
Independence – of thought and action A sense of responsibility An awareness of their potential
New talents and abilities An understanding of strengths and weaknesses The ability to plan and use time effectively
The ability to learn from and give to others in the community New relationships Skills including problem solving, presentation and communication
The ability to lead and work as part of a team

Sections of the Awards:

There are four sections for the Bronze and Silver Awards and five for the Gold Award:

  1. Service – People in the Community, Uniformed Youth Organisation Leadership, Emergency/Rescue Services, Environmental Service, Safety Training
  2. Skills – to discover and develop practical and social skills and personal interests
  3. Physical Recreation – to encourage participation and improvement in physical activity
  4. Expeditions – to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery by preparing for and carrying out an adventurous journey as part of a team
  5. Residential (Gold Award only) – to broaden young people’s experiences through involvement with others in a residential setting (eg. centres, youth hostels, sailing ships, camps).

Minimum Ages: Bronze – age 14, Silver – age 15, Gold – age 16.