Senior Sport

We recognise at Tormead how important sport and physical education are for all our students. Not only do they promote wellbeing and develop the roots for a lifelong engagement in activities to stay fit and healthy, they support mental and emotional good health too. The transferable life skills of being part of a team, learning to work and play, win and lose and share team spirit together, showing mutual respect for our teammates and our opponents, are invaluable.

Tormead Sport provides such a diversity of options which are in tune with what our students want to be involved in. Whether it is a team sport, an individual activity or an aesthetic option, we have something for everyone. Our current facilities onsite, together with the excellent opportunities we have as a town centre school to share some of the best facilities in Surrey at the Surrey Sports Park and the Spectrum, enable our students to capitalise on the variety of activities available. In exciting times to come, we also look forward to new facilities onsite including a MUGA, and additional netball and tennis courts, as well as a brand-new facility including a hockey astro-turf, full athletics facilities and upgraded cricket, football and rugby pitches. This will only serve to further enhance the options for training and competing on a new home ground.

One of our key beliefs at Tormead is ‘We value every girl’ and nothing could be truer in sport. Students have the opportunity to be the best they can be within full and varied curriculum and extra-curriculum timetables.

During Physical Education and Games sessions, from pre-school through lunchtime to after school activities, students can select a range of options to suit their interests. We are proud of our inclusivity and any girl who wants to be in a school team can do so. Our two-week timetable enables the girls to stay involved across the different sports in curriculum time and compete for several teams.

For those students who aim to train and compete at an elite level, there are numerous training opportunities throughout the week and we support their aspirations with our Elite Athlete Programme which tailors their strength and conditioning programme to their individual needs, as well as provides advice on nutrition, rest and recovery and sports psychology. Our elite athletes have competitive opportunities to represent Tormead at County, Regional and National levels across a broad range of competitions.

Tormead operates a ‘sport for all’ policy and we will do our best to accommodate as many girls as are interested in participating.